'Secret Sleepers' in Several States Reveal Democrats' New Cheating Method

Liberal, big government ideology is destroying America. Americans are watching as radically progressive Democrats push policies that are ruining the country. Voters are angry. However, despite their stupid policies, liberal progressives are not stupid.

They’ve mastered the art of deception. The first scheme was to manipulate elections. They cheat. That’s how a feeble old man became president. Joe Biden cheated. But conservative lawmakers are steadily passing legislation, making it harder for Democrats to cheat.

As Biden’s approval ratings plummet to some of the worst numbers in U.S. history, Democrats are scrambling for a way to cheat the system. The new liberal scam is a twist on the old “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” But that’s only part of their crooked strategy.

These radical liberals have no intention of advocating for conservative policies. Democrats are purposefully changing the party affiliation on the ballot to Republican. They’re never going to support conservative policies. It’s a ploy to get elected.

This is deception. This is cheating. Once again, as soon as Americans realize that progressive policies do not work; liberal Democrats concoct a way to deceive voters. Back in June, an audio of a phone conversation from Democrat US Senate candidate Krystle Matthews.

Project Veritas released the leaked audio. The conversation was between Matthews and an inmate at Perry Correctional Institution. Matthews, a left-wing Democrat, was calling for what she referred to as “secret sleepers.”

The objective of these secret Democrats was to infiltrate the South Carolina Republican Party with radical liberals. These candidates held the same left-wing progressive ideas. They were simply changing the D on their election ballot to an R to trick voters.

These cheats are pretending to be conservative Republicans just to get elected. It is a scam. This type of purposeful deception should be illegal. However, there are presently no provisions to stop such a scam.

The only way to prevent these crooks from scamming the election system is to call them out on policy issues. It must also be strongly noted that they have recently supported the same radical policies as the left-wing Democrat Party.

When voters see these names on the ballot as Republicans, they must be fully aware of the scam. Voters must also be aware of the policies these cheats support if they do manage to get elected.

The evidence of radical liberals scamming their way into legislators can be traced to the policies that are being enacted. Missouri, Ohio, Wyoming, Georgia, and Arizona have state legislators where conservative Republicans supposedly hold a healthy majority.

Nevertheless, there are suspiciously liberal policies being proposed, and some are eventually passed. Voters must call out these officials for what they are; radical liberals who are cheating the system. But isn’t that just typical liberalism?

These radicals are perfectly aware of what their insane policies are doing to the country. They’re also wise enough to sense how angry voters have become. If you can’t win as a radical progressive, change your D to an R. It appears to be that simple.

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