Senate Hopeful Lays the SMACKDOWN on Mitch McConnell

Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) has said that Senator Mitch McConnell needs to give up his leadership position in the Senate. Who is this presumptuous Representative? Mr. Brooks is running in third place in an attempt to fill the Senate seat vacated by now Attorney General Jeff Sessions. What is the game here? Getting elected by getting some attention? One thing going for Mo Brooks is that he has won the endorsement of the Super PAC associated with the Tea Party Patriots for the upcoming Alabama Senate seat election.

As Written By Ed Morrissey for Hot Air:

Give Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) credit for self-promotion. Trailing in the primary fight to replace Jeff Sessions in the Senate, he announced an effort to get everyone to withdraw from the race and have the front-runner, interim Senator Luther Strange, resign from the Senate to allow Sessions to get appointed to fill his own term. Brooks didn’t check in with Strange first, who scoffed at Brooks’ plan as “what a candidate does when he learns he’s plummeted to a distant third & is desperate to get attention.”

Brooks didn’t waste any time getting onto CNN to lead the charge in attacking Mitch McConnell’s leadership in the chamber Brooks is fighting to join. It’s more self-promotion, of course — this is something that Senate Republicans will have to work out — but is Brooks wrong?


“It was a failure from the newest member, Luther Strange, at the bottom, to the very top with Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader,” he added. “There is an old saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Now is not the time to leave the ........

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