Shocking Hidden Camera Footage from Inside Forced "Quarantine Camps" in Australia

Since the first cases of COVID were discovered in every country, the ruling class of each has tried to orchestrate different levels of control.

The worst global pandemic in a century is bad enough. However, corrupt leaders have used it as an exercise in power. Lockdowns have destroyed economies, including the personal lives of people everywhere. Indirect consequences caused by lockdowns have been devastating.

Mask mandates have done nothing to help curb surges, but stolen personal freedoms. Vaccine mandates are now an increasingly used way of trying to force people to conform. However, possibly one of the most startling acts of authoritarian control is happening in Australia.

In one of the freest democracies outside the United States of America, Australians are being punished for opposing any COVID order leveled by the government. Despite a higher percentage of vaccinated people getting sick again, the unvaccinated are being punished.

In America, Joe Biden continues to falsely insist that any new surge in COVID cases is the fault of anyone who is unvaccinated. This completely ignores a wealth of data suggesting natural immunity after recovering from COVID may reduce second infection chances to virtually zero.

These authoritarian government mandates and tyrannical orders are not about the pandemic. Each and every order is about power and control. Governments are using the misfortune caused by a deadly virus to force people into conformity.

In Australia, the unvaccinated are being shipped off to internment camps. Not since the horrific acts of the Nazis have we witnessed such an abuse of humanity. Video footage from one of these internment camps has been leaked.

The video shows boundary lines that these imprisoned Australians must stay within. They are restricted to when and where they can even do laundry. The audio portion of the video mentions explicitly that if an imprisoned person crosses a particular line, they will be fined $5,000.

The woman questioning a creepy medical-gowned Gestapo-like guard was informed the reason “doesn’t have to make sense.” As with the underlying principle behind mandates, such as those imposed by Joe Biden and liberal-run U.S. states, people should shut up and do as they’re instructed.

Do not ask questions. We must follow orders and just conform. Increasingly, videos are leaking out of these Australian detention camps through social media. Images clearly resemble wartime prisons used to hold people against their will.

One Australian woman broke silence over her ordeal. Hayley Hodgson moved away from Melbourne to get away from the continuous lockdowns there. Living in Darwin, she thought she was free to make her own choices. She was not.

The spiral of circumstances that led to Hodgson being imprisoned against her will started when a friend tested positive for COVID. Authorities showed up at her front door. Investigators had run the license plate number of Hodgson’s scooter.

They informed her she had been recorded as having had “close contact” with her now COVID infected friend. She was asked if she had recently taken a COVID case. Believing this private information was none of their business, she lied.

That exercise in personal medical freedom eventually landed Hodgson in a COVID internment camp. As she was hauled away, all she was told is that the orders came from “higher ups”. Hodgson was tossed in a rented fan and hauled away to Howard Springs.

There she remained for the full 14-days, regardless that she tested negative multiple times. Obviously, her time detained was not about being a health threat, but about resisting government authority. Remember, this happened in Australia, not Russia.

These were healthcare professionals and law enforcement personnel in a democratic republic. The liberals in America will use the same tactics if they are not stopped. Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates will fling open a door to government intrusiveness that we will never get closed.

The videos of what is going on in Australia are startling. They prove to what lengths the ruling class elite will go to exercise power. Americans must not rest on their laurels. This could bleed into our country in an instant. It already has. The left wants to seize permanent control of power.

They want control of educating our children. The left wants full federal control over elections. They’re pushing for a socialist welfare state in America. Now they want control over our medical decisions.

These leaked videos clearly show internment camps in an otherwise free nation. This is not a joke. Americans must take these assaults on personal freedom seriously. If not, we will soon find ourselves living in a country that looks nothing like the free republic we all cherish.

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