SHOCKING New Details About Bill Clinton Revealed in Upcoming Book About Jeffrey Epstein

We've learned a lot about Jeffrey Epstein over the last year. Not only have we learned about his perverted sex ring, but we've learned about others who are caught up in the scandal as well.

Both Prince Andrew and former President Bill Clinton are both known to have visited the pedophile island.

In an upcoming book, there are claims that former President Clinton was having an affair with Epstein's pimp and ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell

“[Bill] and Ghislaine were getting it on,” a source who witnessed the relationship said in an interview. “That’s why he was around Epstein—to be with her.”

The source explained that reporters have been missing the point about the Clinton- Epstein relationship by focusing on Epstein’s sex crimes. “[Clinton’s] stupid but not an idiot,” the source says, dismissing the idea that the ex-president was sexually involved with children.

Clinton’s primary interest in Epstein was the woman he once dated and who allegedly helped procure her ex-boyfriend’s future victims.

“It continued in New York City, where Clinton on multiple occasions visited Maxwell’s own private townhome at 116 East Sixty-fifth Street, an $11 million pad that runs a touch below seven thousand square feet, much more modest than Epstein’s palatial townhome a few blocks north,” the book claimed, the Post reported.

Epstein accuser Virginia admits that she has seen Clinton on the island, but never did anything sexual with him.

“I have seen reports saying or implying that I had sex with former President Bill Clinton on Little Saint James Island,” Giuffre reportedly said, per court documents. “Former president Bill Clinton was present on the island at a time when I was also present on the island, but I have never had sexual relations with Clinton, nor have I ever claimed to have such relations. I have never seen him have sexual relations with anyone.”

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