Shocking New Study Finds Growing Problem in Male Reproductivity

Many people believe there is a small group of wealthy elites who want total control over the civilian population. Experts can provide resounding evidence of such an ideology. Pinpointing exactly who these self-entitled human beings are is difficult.

The global elite are experts at diverting attention away from themselves. They are experts in deception. The elite are trying to foster a society that has no possessions, no privacy, and no freedom. They want complete, unbridled control.

Many believe an elite class of so-called “rulers” manipulate and restrict the world’s food supply. By doing so, they can keep some parts of the world subdued through hunger. Experts believe food shortages could prove as deadly as a global pandemic.

Through subtle food-borne illnesses, the rest of the world can be controlled by constant health problems as well. Do we think the sudden supply chain crisis was a coincidence? The global elites have weaponized food and the supply chain essential to society.

But there’s other startling evidence of a global elitist push to subdue and control society. Water supplies have been mysteriously contaminated. Much of this contamination is from what are referred to as “forever chemicals.” The situation may never improve.

But there’s another clear-cut way to grasp complete control over the human race. Take control of the reproductive process. Basically, sterilize society. The ruling elites would have complete control of who had babies, how they had babies, and which babies were allowed to live.

Ever wonder why the liberal left is so entrenched in supporting unbridled abortion? If you think about the underlying reasons, it all begins to make sense. This small group of narcissistic thugs has more control over all of us than people imagine.

But a predominately sterile society would be the ultimate level of control. P.D. James wrote a stirring novel, “The Children of Men.” In James’ thriller, the world suddenly became sterile, without explanation.

In the novel and subsequent big-screen showcase motion picture, all babies were conceived in vitro. This plot seems like something of a fabricated myth. But there may be more to James’ fictional account of global sterility.

In reality, it could be happen. The world’s male population is becoming increasingly sterile. What could be responsible? Could someone or something be triggering global sterilization? It fit the global elite’s evil ambitions perfectly.

Controlling human reproduction would be equivalent to having full control over society. Global sterilization would be a “huge problem for society.” The problem is getting worse.

A study from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found that ѕperm concentration dropped 51 percent between 1973 and 2018, from 101.2m per ml to 49.0m per ml. At this rate, it will only be a few decades before the entire society is rendered sterile.

What would cause this to happen? Why aren’t world leaders more alarmed? Some experts believe we are close to a tipping point where it becomes irreversible. The elitists, such as Bill Gates, continue to insist that the world is overpopulated.

It is an illusion. The global population crisis is the same type of fearmongering as the climate change crisis. It’s all a hoax to control society. A collapse in the birthrate is what the global elites want. The idea is to eventually render most of society sterile. It’s both dangerous and disgusting.

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