SHOCKING: Second Eyewitness CONFIRMS Capitol Hill Police Killed Trump Supporter and Attacked Those Who Tried to Save Her (VIDEO)

One of the most disturbing stories to come out of the January sixth debacle is drawing attention among patriots. Details of the tragic killing of yet another innocent woman have emerged but are only being covered by conservative news outlets.

Ashli Babbitt, the Air Force veteran murdered in cold blood inside the Capitol, was not the only woman killed that day. Rosanne Boyland, a black Trump supporter, was blasted with pepper spray alongside other patriots. Philip Anderson held the hand of a dying Boyland -- the first woman killed that day -- as police tossed disoriented protestors on top of him.

Anderson, a conservative activist, said he also nearly suffocated during a stampede caused by capitol police. His account was, unsurprisingly, quashed by social media. A second eyewitness spoke anonymously saying:

After reading your article about Rosanne Boyland’s death, and the gentleman’s (Philip Anderson) comments on it, I believe I have some to add to that story, since me and 2 others carried Ms. Boyland’s seemingly lifeless body to the double doors while the cops were pepper spraying us and hitting us with their baton… for WHAT??? Trying to save her life???

And a bunch more… Careless police actions, pushing people down on the stairs, people almost suffocating, etc…
Military looking youngsters advancing through the crowd (crowd that was packed like sardines) towards the doors and NEVER coming back???

I still have flashbacks, nightmares, PTSD over it…

Just wanted to tell you, it wasn’t like most of the media wants people to believe, what politicians want people to believe..

Those military-looking kids (I’m almost positive they were Antifa) were really aggressive wanting to break the windows etc, some REAL Trump supporters (specifically there was a lady who almost got in a fistfight with them) tried to stop them saying “This is not what we’re here for, that’s trespassing”…. then, like I said it above, those youngsters disappeared, I’m sure went inside with the police’s help (and never come back) while the cops were tear-gassing us/others…

He claimed that he and others were beaten with batons by police as they carried a dying Boyland away from the horrific scene.

The anonymous witness also reported seeing aggressive young men entering the Capitol as others were teargassed. The men, who he suspected were Antifa members, never came back out of the capitol building.

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