SHOCKING Video Captures Near-Death Shooting of Police Officer, This Is Why Criminals Get Shot

Given the current climate of society in light of the recent deaths of multiple black men, there is a massive distrust of police.

I will say that there should be some distrust because there is definitely abuse, excessive force, and so many other issues that I just won't go into at this time.

The truth is, most cops are good cops. It's just not every day that we hear about them, nor is it something that we typically remember. But when it is a bad cop, we remember those and become outraged, and rightly so.

I used to play poker a whole lot and in poker, it's never the good hands that you remember, but you can remember the bad beats. The same is true with the police force.

But to the sympathy of the police departments across the country, there is a reason why they are so quick to draw a weapon, and here is a clear example of why.

Officer Quincy Smith was called out to investigate a suspicious man who tried to steal some groceries from a store in a small town. The man, Malcolm Antwan Orr fails to listen to the officer.

Orr walks with his left hand holding a cellphone to his ear. His right hand is concealed in his jacket. Smith commands him to take it out.

"If you don't stop, I'm gonna Tase you!" Smith roars.

Orr looks back, and in one crackling motion, flashes a 9 millimeter pistol and fires multiple shots, one on top of the other, sending Smith tumbling to the ground. Orr continues to fire rounds at Smith as he goes to the ground, eight shots in total, before he flees.

"Shots fired!" Smith yells into his handheld radio, the high-definition image spinning as if the glasses were flung from the roof of a building. Smith scrambles to the patrol car to alert his dispatch.

The horrific scene and near-death of Smith was captured on the video released Thursday, a day after the conviction and sentencing of Orr, who faces 35 years in prison for attempted murder and gun-related charges, South Carolina's 14th Circuit's Solicitor's Office said in a news release.

Near-death shooting of police officer

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Dramatic video shows police officer shot repeatedly while ordering a suspicious person to stop. For the full story: (14th Circuit Solicitor's Office)

Posted by My San Antonio from the Express-News on Sunday, August 13, 2017

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