SHOCKING: Video Shows Security Dragging Young Child From Store By Her Hoodie

The YouTube channel is called Philly Offensive. It is a site known for broadcasting video pranks. However, a recent video evidently may be of an actual real-life event that takes mask shaming to a whole new level.

The video shows a short conversation with a mother who is browsing a Philadelphia Salvation Army Store with a young child. Apparently, the elementary-age kid is fine with wearing her mandated mask below her nose.

While anyone today who chooses to not wear a mask is a target, even those who wear a mask below their nose are visually and often verbally shamed. More radical enforcement includes orders to leave.

Well, according to the video the security officer told the mother that if the mask was worn properly, everything would be okay. This mother wasn't keen on forcible mandates being put on her child. The mother remained very calm initially. However, things escalated.

She insinuated that there would be drastic repercussions if this person touched her child. Repercussions most certainly did happen. The security guard snatched the child by her hoodie, and dragged her out of the store.

If the idea of this video was to show something funny, it failed. This is a total condemnation of events that happen across America. It's called mask shaming. Despite the questionable effectiveness of masks, or any acknowledgement of potential harms, everybody must confirm.

This video might be a prank. However, it puts on full display the confrontational animosity that has been created by these conformity mandates like mask-wearing and vaccines. One key takeaway from this episode, real or fabricated, is "are you serious".

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