Shockwaves In DC: Biden's Lawyers May Be In The Center Of Criminal Doc Investigation - VIDEO

The Biden document scandal widens.

The recent revelations that President Joe Biden's lawyers have discovered five additional classified documents stored in his Wilmington, Delaware, home have sent shockwaves through the political world — and now prominent legal experts are claiming that Biden's lawyers are “likely witnesses” in a criminal investigation.

Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, explained to Fox News Digital that the most serious discovery would be evidence that Biden “worked off” the documents or “removed them from their classification folders,” which could not only destroy the “inadvertence” defense but also make the President’s public comments potentially deceitful. Turley added that the “use of private counsel without clearances following the first discovery on Nov. 2 could itself be viewed as reckless and gross mishandling.”

Richard Painter, a law professor at the University of Minnesota and former White House ethics chief under George W. Bush, also weighed in on the matter. He said the White House needs to “cooperate fully” with the investigation and that this is particularly a concern with respect to the Penn-Biden center, which has reportedly raised tens of millions from the Chinese. Painter added that many people had access to the center and must have had a chance to look in Biden's office and notice the locked closet, raising curiosity about what was inside and perhaps a desire to find out.

The Biden administration continues to maintain that the documents were inadvertently left in the garage and that no laws were broken. However, experts are claiming that the documents could have been used or knowingly possessed over the six years that Biden was vice president, which could constitute an intentional act to unlawfully possess the material.

At this point, it’s unclear what the outcome of the investigation will be. But it is clear that the documents have raised serious questions and could have serious consequences if the allegations are proven to be true. It will be interesting to see how the Biden administration responds to the accusations and if they can adequately explain the situation.

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