Six Ways to Know You're Being Fed Propaganda By MSM

Growing up, and even as an adult, one of my favorite comic strips was Dilbert which was created by Scott Adams.

Dilbert was always witty, relevant, and funny.

But something that Scott Adams recently wrote is even better than Dilbert and is full of absolute truth.

He has tweeted a series of "six easy ways to know you live in a propaganda bubble and the Fake News Industry is malicious".

“1. The Fake News tells you Trump is “lying” about the election being stolen as opposed to actually believing it, the way tens-of-millions of his supporters do. The Fake News mind-reading act is propaganda,” he began.

“2. The Fake News tells you all of the election fraud claims have been rejected by courts. But where is the master list of all the (non-crazy) claims and which court rejected them and why? If that list doesn’t exist, assume you have been fed propaganda, not news,” he added.

“3. If knowing you are inciting domestic violence is a reasonable standard for impeachment, let’s apply it to every Democrat who supported BLM protests or now supports a mostly useless impeachment. Otherwise, the impeachment is just a Fake News propaganda enhancer,” he tweeted.

“4. There is no acknowledgment that the Fine People Hoax is still the most damaging Fake News in American History. That hoax is STILL reported as fact. That is pure propaganda,” he continued.

“5. When Trump won in 2016, the Fake News said Russian interference in the election was substantial despite all evidence indicating exactly the opposite. When Biden won, the Fake News told us Russia had no substantial impact. That is propaganda, both times,” he said.

“6. When the Fake News labels the Capitol assault a coup or an insurrection, that is propaganda, not news,” added Adams. “The mob had violent people, but no resources appropriate to conquering a superpower and holding it. That OBVIOUSLY wasn’t a plan. Reporting it as a coup is propaganda.”

Until we actually try to understand each other nothing will change in our country. Until we stop lying about one another, and willfully, and maliciously lying about one another, nothing will change.

People have grown cold to one another and no longer have regard for their fellow Americans.

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