Small Community Shocked by Discovery in Former Mayor’s Home

Occasionally, disturbing revelations come to light after a politician leaves office. These types of things usually involve the person having somehow misled people. The revelations aren’t always bad. But what was discovered in the former Rhode Island mayor’s home was shocking.

Susan Menard was the mayor of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, for 14 years. Her tenure, spanning from 1995 to 2009, is the longest anyone has been the mayor of Woonsocket. There weren’t any startling reports resulting from Menard’s 14 years as the town’s leader.

However, according to reports from WJAR in Rhode Island, police made a shocking discovery inside her residence. Two badly decayed bodies were found. Currently, no one has reported Menard missing. However, her whereabouts have also not been confirmed.

The bodies of the two corpses have yet to be identified. They were badly decayed. But one neighbor told that they hadn’t seen the former mayor in years. The home was in bad shape and needed a tremendous amount of care.

Woonsocket Police Chief Thomas Oates said a concerned neighbor alerted his office. The neighbor said he hadn’t seen the elderly couple living at the residence in about a week. He also said there was a strong odor coming from the Marian Lane home.

This shocking discovery has triggered a number of questions. Where is Susan Menard? Is she one of the two bodies found inside her home? What happened to these two people, and who is the elderly man? Authorities believe an autopsy will reveal the identity of the two bodies.

Regardless of who they are, there are immediately questions about how they died. Susan Menard would be 73 years old, and records indicate she could be still married to Robert Menard. Woonsocket police are investigating the discovery.

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