Someone Is Hiding Something - Board of Elections Threaten NC Republican Lawmakers If They Continue Election Investigation

North Carolina’s Executive Director State Board of Elections Karen Brinson Bell has sent a letter to state election officials saying that they should immediately report if someone contacts them about the 2020 General Election.

The North Carolina House Freedom Caucus has been trying to find information about the voting machines used during the November election and their accuracy.

State law makes it a crime for any person to disassemble the voting machines, so the company, Election Systems and Software, who made the machines, offered to return any device that was questioned to their office and fully disassemble it to prove that it was accurate.

The company says that they have nothing to hide and will willingly do the work to feel more confident that every legal vote was counted.

Yet, Brinson seems determined to stop the process. Voters may remember that Brinson worked with Marc Ellias to get laws changed after early voting had already commenced.

Last week, during a press conference, Keith Kidwell who is Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus said,

"Today we are talking about the voting processes. We have had two meetings with the State Board of Elections, staff was accommodating, and the machine manufacturers permitted an investigation of the machines and modems. ES and L would allow the inspection we requested, they seemed eager to assure the public, but there was pushback by the State Board of Elections.

We have received a letter from Ms. Karen Brinson Bell, Executive Director State Board of Elections, of the State Board of Elections, that was accusatory in tone, accusing us of misinformation. She has told county election directions that if I, or any member of the Freedom House Caucus show up they should contact Board of Election lawyers.

“We want legal votes to count and to have no illegal vote to count.  Even Facebook fact-checkers never questioned our posts about these matters, on social media posts, however, a wall with a threat of lawyers has been placed in our way."

Brinson’s office has set up a webpage called Combating Misinformation to inform voters about the integrity of the election and future elections. There is definitely something that they're hiding, otherwise, they wouldn't go through these sort of extreme measures.

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