Something's Not Adding Up: Multiple Problems with the Paul Pelosi/David DePape Story

The husband of one of the country’s most prominent political figures was attacked. What happened to Nancy Pelosi’s husband was terrible. An insane freak broke into the Pelosi’s home and bludgeoned Paul Pelosi with a hammer.

Thankfully, Mr. Pelosi is going to be okay. It was, as a terrible ordeal, something that shouldn’t be wished upon anyone. But leave it to the radical left to take an unfortunate situation and flip it on its political ear. It’s what Democrats do.

What happened to the U.S. Speaker of the House’s husband has about as much to do with politics as a farmer selling a donkey. By trying to make a senseless connection between some kind of so-called, right-wing conservative, Democrats prove what real jackasses they truly are.

This is another bogus attempt to paint conservative Americans as radical extremists. The country doesn’t know much about David DePape, other than the fact that he is a nutcase. It’s alleged that DePape has a history of being abusive. He is allegedly a pedophile.

His online rhetoric is as radical as his bizarre association with a nudist organization is. This gentleman, to put it mildly, is a wacko. There is zero evidence he has anything to do with any political belief. But that didn’t stop leftist progressives from tying him to Republicans.

On the disgraced MSNBC, a host said Republicans “are scared” to condemn the attack. Because DePape apparently kept asking “Where’s Nancy?” He has zero ties to the chaotic events that transpired on January 6. He doesn’t. This person is a far-out lunatic.

DePape is linked to multiple conspiracy blogs, neither of which has any connection to conservatives. He’s an insane person who broke into the home of a rich political figure. David DePape is crazy. A mentally ill person forced his way into the home of Nancy and Paul Pelosi.

He had some kind of issue with the Speaker of the House. Who could blame him? But this has absolutely nothing to do with January 6, or any other politically motivated ambition. Democrats are taking an unrelated incident and using it for political gain.

But that’s what liberals do. It’s both unconscionable and disgusting. They’re demonizing Republicans with no cause. But this clearly proves something else. Days away from the critical 2022 midterm elections, Democrats are in a panic.

They are going to lose, and lose big. Liberal candidates across the nation are facing the unenviable task of defending the left’s failed agenda. They cannot do it. Democrats are out of touch. Therefore, we have what we have here today, “a failure to communicate.”

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