South Korea Responds to North Korean Flying "Object" with Warning Shots

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are continuing to increase this week, as North Korea has allegedly invaded South Korean airspace with an unidentified craft.

While American and Japanese warships have been patrolling the waters just off the coast of the Koreas, Kim Jong Un and his reclusive regime have continually pushed the international envelope in terms of their development of forbidden weaponry.  Some of the early 2017 tests have failed miserably, but North Korea's commitment to military supremacy over their southern counterparts remains steadfast.

Oh Glorious Potato! By P388388

Now, a new development has occurred in the region, with some type of North Korean aircraft entering South Korean airspace today, prompting a serious response from Seoul.
"The vehicle reportedly crossed the DMZ from North Korea near Gangwon Province at approximately 4pm local time.

“'We have yet to verify the vehicle. The analysis is ongoing. The military has beefed up our anti-air surveillance and maintained readiness posture,' said a statement released by the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff.

"A similar breach occurred last year when a North Korean drone crossed the DMZ. The South responded by firing warning shots at the unmanned aircraft until it returned to North Korean airspace."

The South Korean response was swift and powerful, with a battery of 90 machine gun rounds filling the air above the DMZ.

Kim Jong Un seems bound and determined to annoy and aggravate the rest of the free world with his aggressive military antics.  Should the aircraft described in today's incident be considered a military threat, we can surely expect a large international response to take place.

Besides the warships parked off of the North Korean coast, both China and Russia have amassed military might on their borders with the hermit kingdom in a show of force.  Unfortunately, Vladimir Putin has begun his usual routine of threatening the United States should U.S President Donald Trump look to interfere in the region.


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