Spells and Hexes against President Trump Go to a WHOLE New Level [Video]

If you're on Facebook at all I'm sure you've seen that stupid a*s posts about "witches" worldwide working on cursing President Donald Trump. Well, Tucker Carlson decided to invite one of these "real witches" to his program and it went about as well as you might expect.

There's an "official Facebook page" for these whack-a-doos with some real gems in it.

With one commenter saying of the interview "Hey Amanda Yates Garcia, you did a great job with Tucker tonight. Major props to you. I was originally worried when I saw someone had agreed to do the show, but you held your own and provided solid, reasoned, and positive answers in what could have been a very hostile environment. Well done! Thank you for representing us!"

And even indoctrinating their kids into this... "Are any of you raising children in the wiccan faith? Because I have a three year old and I could really use some guidance on how to instruct her in this. Faith and religion is a tough subject for my family. I would just appreciate any out reach. It sucks feeling like your alone in this struggle."

And they're even taking credit for the Manafort stuff, "Oh my! Keep it up! Last night's bind packed a wallop!"

Anyway, the interview is pretty looney tunes, folks.

As reported by Paul Bois for The Daily Wire:

Spells and hexes against President Trump have become a major thing among the witches since the 2016 election, who view Trump as a threat to big witchy agendas like child sacrif– I mean, "reproductive rights". The spells typically involve witches chanting to some demi-spirit while passing around items like "orange candles, tarot cards, rope, and feathers." The orange candles apparently serve as a representation of President Trump (ho, ho).

Calling herself the "Oracle of Los Angeles," Amanda Yates Garcia says she's a real witch and that she has a message for President Trump: stop the agenda or face the hex of her coven. During his interview with Garcia, Tucker began with a cheeky question on the legality of summoning forces against people.

"Is this legal? Can you run around and cast spells? Are you allowed to cast spells on people? Is there any federal regulation of this?" Carlson half-jokingly asked.

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