WATCH: AOC's Partner in Crime Just Disrespected Our Founding Documents

Radical left Democratic Representative and member of "The Squad" Ayanna Pressley said on the House floor that women are "still shackled" and not free in the United States.

The reason she gave for that...the U.S. Constitution, which she claims is "sexist by its very design."

“The year is 2020 and here we women are still in so many ways not fully free, still shackled,” Pressley said. “Women are strong, hardworking, bright, and resilient. We are the backbones of our families, our communities, and our democracy. We do not live in checked boxes; we live in an intersectionality of lived experiences and identities. Our issues are everyone’s issues because our destinies are all tied.”

Pressley then continued to harp on the gender pay gap myth, saying, “In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, women are paid 83 cents for every dollar paid to a man, but nationally, women are paid only 80 cents for every dollar a man is paid. Even worse, the modern day wage gap disproportionately impacts women of color with black women earning 61 cents, Native women earning 58 cents, Latin X women earning only 53 cents, and [Asian American and Pacific Islander] women making as little as 50 cents per dollar paid to a white man.

"In addition to pay discrimination, we face pregnancy discrimination, discrimination in the criminal legal system, sexual and domestic violence, and inadequate health care access,” Pressley concluded. “But this isn’t an accident, the American Constitution is sexist by its very design, this country’s laws have historically treated us like second-class citizens, depriving us of the right to vote, enter most jobs, and to own property.”

I remember years ago when people were beginning to talk about how people were slowly unlearning or not learning about the founding of our nation and the reasons for everything. We're now seeing the fruits of that forgetfulness.

This is why we're not seeing Socialism being promoted (mostly among the most unlearned of the younger generation), not just promoting, but celebrating ab***ion, and advocating for so many other things, including Pressley's claim that the Constitution is sexist.

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