Evacuation REFUSED For Islanders Who Don't Have a Vaccine After Volcanic Eruption

There has been a growing debate over how far some will go to exert (forbidden illness) vaccine pressure on those who don't want to get a "shot in the arm". When does your God-given right to your own body get erased? Evidently when a volcano erupts, and you should evacuate your island.

A volcano eruption on St. Vincent has left a large part of the tiny island uninhabitable. Many have been forced to relocate to neighboring islands. Some insist this evacuation could last months. The problem is, many are not being allowed to board ships used to take people to safety.

If you've had a (forbidden illness) vaccine, you're good to go. If you have exercised your freedom to not be vaccinated, you're evidently stuck on a dangerous island amid an erupting volcano. Common sense would deny any notion this eruption is all-too-convenient.

However, the forced mandate to submit to a vaccination program, or fend for yourself, is the problem. This is clearly another form of government-driven manipulation. Officials from neighboring islands are insisting that only (forbidden illness) vaccinated people will be allowed to enter.

What about someone who has successfully had and overcome the China Virus? They are supposedly as equally immune to the disease as someone who got a shot in the arm. These same entitled government officials scream for human compassion when it fits their narrative.

How inhumane is it to insist that someone remain on an island rocked by a volcanic eruption just because they don't want or think they need a vaccine? The eruption of La Soufrière is shedding a new and disturbing light on forced vaccinations.

Officials say many residents are avoiding protective shelters because of a fear of forced compliance. Why can't people be tested? If they test negative multiple times, according to the "science", they should not be of any risk to anyone, let alone someone who was vaccinated.

This whole subject would be debatable if it were not placing human lives in serious danger. The (forbidden illness) has been used dozens of ways by governing bodies to manipulate citizens. Seems St. Vincent and her island neighbors are using life or death risks as their vaccination strategy.

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