Surveillance Video Shows Man Illegally Trafficking Ballots in Detroit

This week, a new video surfaced showing a man trafficking ballots in Detroit. It's one of the clearest pieces of evidence that proves something wasn't right during the 2020 election.

Bill Barr was recently interrogated by the J6 sham commission to try and crucify President Trump. He told the commission at one point, “Uh, the election was not stolen by fraud. And I haven’t seen anything since the election that changes my mind on that, including the ‘2000 Mules’ movie,” Barr said as he laughed hysterically.

I used to think that Bill Barr was a pretty decent guy who was on our side, but that's definitely not even close to reality. He obviously didn't see the "2000 Mules" movie if he is that flippant about it and dismissed it claiming that you can't prove any of that. That's absolutely idiotic.

Let's imagine that you're a Door Dash driver and I find your phone records that same way that the folks who worked on "2000 Mules" did. I would see you visiting a number of fast food restaurants and a number of corresponding houses. Honestly, without even knowing that you're a Door Dash driver, if I only had those records it would be safe to conclude that you are in fact a food delivery driver based on the GPS coordinates showing you visiting a dozen or more different fast food locations per day.

Likewise, when we see the records of individuals going around and visiting dozens of ballot drop boxes and visiting DNC locations in between, it's safe to conclude that you're running ballots for the Democrats. Is that definitive proof in and of itself? No, but it's not meant to be and that's the trick that these Democrats and RINOs try to pull. They try tell you that it doesn't prove anything. This is just like claiming that a puzzle piece is not a puzzle. We know that. What we're saying is when the puzzle pieces are put together, they make a clear picture.

Combine that with video like this one showing the man getting out of a post office truck and dumping multiple stacks of ballots into a ballot drop box and you have a big problem.

Photo Credit: Sounder Bruce

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