Swamp Lackey Merrick Garland Pledges to Help Destroy Second Amendment If Confirmed

U.S. AG nominee Merrick Garland is under fire from patriots after answering Senator Mike Lee during his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

In response to a question about supporting banning certain types of firearms, Garland said that if he were confirmed, he would back Biden's anti-gun agenda.

His answer was, "[Biden] is a strong supporter of gun control...The role of the Justice Department is to advance the policy program of the administration as long as it is consistent with the law...Where there is room under the law for [Biden's] policies to be pursued, then I think [he] is entitled to pursue them."

Biden has been pushing to ban anything he deems an "assault weapon" which could mean any model of gun thanks to loose wording, taking away liability shields for manufacturers of guns, and restricting citizens' ability to purchase guns. His reason? "We will take action to end our epidemic of gun violence..."

His rhetoric has prompted the NRA to accuse him of trying to completely demolish the firearms industry. A statement read, "Imagine if firearm manufacturers and sellers...faced potential civil liability every time a criminal misused a firearm." And likened the action to holding car manufacturers and dealers liable for drunk drivers.

It's easy to see how these far-left policies create a slippery slope; holding all businesses and industries responsible whenever a client or customer faced injury or death of their own accord (an obesity-related death or complication could be blamed on Coke, for example).

Considering that gun violence has been going up in Democrat-run cities, it's pretty clear that strict gun laws do nothing to prevent crime or keep anyone safe. It aims to prevent the "good guys with a gun" scenario that keeps playing out.

The swamp doesn't like to be drained, and the creatures that dwell in it are whipping up violence. It's more crucial now than ever that every good, honest, American citizen be able to arm and defend themselves.

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