Teacher Panhandles To Buy School Supplies

Teresa Danks, a teacher in Oklahoma, has turned to pandhandling to "make a statement" as well as raise funds to buy school supplies for her class room.

Danks has been teaching since 1996 and says that budget cut after budget cut has forced her to use her own money, somewhere around $2,000 per year, for supplies for her classroom. And now, she's decided to take to the streets.

Last week she took a street corner and displayed a sign that reads "Teacher needs school supplies! Anything"

The story quickly spread and it has already grown into a GoFundMe page where she hopes to raise money for not just her classroom but other classroms as well with the hopes that it raises $20,000 for them a.. As of Sunday morning it had reached $2,750.

This is the state that public education exists and it's not. I remember teachers back in my day having to spend their own money on a number of things for the classroom. This is why we see so many people now opting to home school or, if one can afford it, opt for a private school. There could be potential in public education, I think I'm a product of it and I turned out... OK lol. But it continues to get striped away and it's a system some people just need.

From the GoFundMe page...

Due to the overwhelming support, Teresa is now poised to help other teachers and bring awareness of the problems facing education today. The campaign has been increased to reflect these evolving goals. Please visit her new page on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/beggingforeducation. Like her page and share it to keep updated on Teresa's continued efforts!

This Tulsa teacher made a bold statement as she has resorted to panhandling in order to raise money, so she can buy the supplies needed to teach her students. She's been an educator since 96' and she says the problem keeps getting worse.

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