Texas Governor Makes HUGE Announcement on Border Wall!

Americans have certainly heard the patriotic reference that everything is bigger in Texas. With the wave of illegal migrants pushing across Texas's southern border, state residents' disappointment is growing bigger by the day.

Before the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump, Texans had hope. They were watching the gradual completion of an essential barrier between U.S. citizens and unwanted, undocumented immigrants.

When Joe Biden took office in January, he wielded his executive pen to kill further progress on the border wall. Along with a subtle announcement that America's border was open for business, the ending of the wall left gaping holes for border agents to protect.

They have been unable to stop the record surge that has followed. This surge includes not only hundreds of thousands of non-vetted, potentially dangerous criminals; it has opened up a record surge in deadly illegal drugs.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott says enough. If Joe Biden, in his infinite wisdom, cannot see how successful President Trump's wall ambitions were, Texas will build the rest of the wall itself. The Biden administration used tricky words to alter successful Trump policy.

Biden insisted he was just halting construction of the wall. In the meantime, heavy equipment and tons of materials lie in waste. Nothing is getting done. Progress has not been halted; it has been shutdown, permanently.

For Biden to again launch construction of an essential wall at the U.S. southern border would proclaim a victory for President Donald Trump. Radical progressive Democrats are so embittered that they can't allow anything good to come from the previous administration.

This insane way of thinking doesn't care about our nation, our families, or our children. It says nothing about the ignorance to the struggles Texans have when their communities are invaded. They've had enough.

At the recent Border Security Summit in Del Rio, Governor Abbott voiced his intent to pursue every possible avenue to restart wall construction. Texas will also increase the state penalties for those caught breaking U.S. law, laws that the new federal government is reluctant to enforce.

Texas is a big state. When Joe Biden launched a wave of dangerous illegal migration towards its border, Texas citizens were terribly disappointed. However, the Texas governor is thinking bigger than Joe Biden. If Biden isn't willing to finish the wall, Texas will go big and do it themselves. Good for Texas.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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