Texas’ Heartbeat Bill Overcome HUGE Hurdle in Legal Challenge

Since 1973, there have been innumerable arguments over the rights of the unborn. Roe vs. Wade set in motion a precedent that allows legal abortions. Since that fateful day, there have been endless challenges to define or rewrite laws that protect the rights of unborn children.

Recently, Texas lawmakers instituted one of the most comprehensive pieces of legislation to protect these rights. SB8 is referred to as the “Heartbeat Bill”. At a point in a pregnancy where there is a detectable heartbeat, an abortion becomes illegal in Texas, in lieu of pronounced extenuating circumstances.

Texans feel when there is a heartbeat; there is a human being present. To abort this life, unless dramatic circumstances place the unborn child or the mother at extreme risk, is akin to murder. When Governor Greg Abbott signed SB8 into law, the wave of liberal challenges began.

The views of the Joe Biden administration were clearly exposed recently. The Biden Department of Justice sued the State of Texas over SB8. Ahead of what will undoubtedly be a case heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the law.

The three-judge panel voted 2 to 1 to keep the law in place as it reads. Judge Carl Stewart voted against the law. The only woman out of the three justices voted to uphold SB8. This is how the American legal and judicial systems operate. We are a democracy.

Texas legislators have enacted a law that is supported by their constituents. It has survived its first legal test. However, the attacks by the radical mainstream media have been unrelenting. One member of the liberal fake news, The Guardian, printed a story about a 33-year-old Texas woman.

They said the woman had to drive to Louisiana to legally kill her unwanted child. The litany of insane references in the interview was disturbing. This woman kept ranting about methods where she could end the pregnancy at home.

She contemplated triggering a miscarriage. The problem becomes even more sinister when you realize how she spoke about her pregnancy. This woman constantly lamented over how she could “get rid of the baby”.

There was zero sympathy for the biological fact that this was a human being. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a living human being inside or outside the womb. Once it is a living creature, killing it unnecessarily is murder.

Like assuring everyday citizens can walk safely down Texas streets, lawmakers in the state feel it is their obligation to protect these people from being killed. The consensus of Texas legislators agreed that unborn babies should have these same rights.

Other selfish women, women who ignored methods that could have prevented a pregnancy, continue to scream about their own rights. But who is standing up for the rights of these unborn human beings? Texas lawmakers have.

Texas SB8 is a potentially lifesaving game-changer for thousands of unborn children. The new “Heartbeat Bill” has withstood the first legal challenge hurled at it. There will be more to come. It says a lot about the Joe Biden Administration’s feelings toward innocent life.

Joe and his radical liberals are selfish. They couldn’t care less. Thankfully, there is a side of America that disagrees. Every child that gets a chance to see the sunshine and breathe fresh air should thank them. One challenge has been defeated. We can expect many more.

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