The Fight for Our Children - Group Starts Fighting Back Against "Woke" Indoctrination

The woke-culture is spreading its tentacles across our nation. The cancel-culture woke indoctrination of everything our country stands for is striving to strangle America. Most adults with common sense can see this radical agenda for what it is, but what about our children?

However, the opprobrious ambitions of the woke culture have another target, our children. They are pushing this indoctrination, such things as critical race theory, in our schools. This is brainwashing at its core.

What can we do as parents? How can we battle against the advancement of an ideology that the majority of Americans do not find in our country's best interest? One group is trying to provide parents with the tools they need to fight the wave of woke indoctrination of their children.

The group is a bipartisan initiative by parents to keep politics out of our education curriculum. This does not include the civics-based courses that teach government and political science, but the political agenda being force-fed to our young children in the name of education.

Parents Defending Education (PDE) is the name of this group comprised of concerned parents. Nicole Neily is the group's founder. She is also the president of Speech First, an organization supporting free speech.

Neily enlisted the expertise of a former professor and investigative reporter Asra Nomani to help develop the program. When parents do not understand the ramifications of what their children are being taught, it's impossible to speak up when these things do not align with their American values.

The PDE helps show parents how to keep records of various extremist views taught in their own schools. The group stresses that it is the duty of parents to oversee what is being taught to their children in the classroom.

As a result of the pandemic, remote learning has brought some of these disturbing initiatives in American households. Parents have witnessed firsthand that their children are being pigeonholed into categories to support a radical political agenda.

Once parents understand the potentially devastating consequences of this radical indoctrination, they can appreciate why stopping it is so vital to America. The more parents that become involved, the more difficult it will be for this ploy to succeed.

By building a solid network of informed parents, the PDE can battle the woke-culture's indoctrination ambitions on a state and local level. The idea that America is hopelessly a country of systemic racists is beyond radical, it's insane.

Nomani is in charge of strategy. She believes our nation is facing a dire crisis bleeding through our education system. Nomani insists that our schools need to teach our children how to think, but not what they should think. Otherwise, it's brainwashing.

It can be hard to brainwash an opinionated adult. However, our young children are so impressionable. In this time of unbridled attempts to radicalize our nation, it's refreshing to see such dedicated people as those with the PDE trying to stop the destruction.

One more thing I wanted to present you with is a video that has been out for some time now, but it still relevant and even more so in the times we live in now. This is about the indoctrination that's happening in our schools.

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