The King of Fake News Releases Audio of President Trump Supposedly Revealing Classified Information - But They “Can’t Verify the Story”

Leave it to the “King of Fake News” to stand staunchly behind “unverified news.” CNN is known for exploiting its bevy of “reliable sources,” but no one ever knows who these sources are. What’s even stranger is how often these “reliable sources” turn out to be rather “unreliable.”

The once proud news platform is trying to clean up its act. However, the housecleaning has been a slow and arduous process. It appears every time they open a closet full of so-called “reliable and verified information,” it’s nothing even close to reliable.

CNN has been at war with President Trump ever since he walked down the escalator to announce his decision to run for president. They never let up. CNN anchors distorted President Trump’s words and attacked him with their “reliable sources.”

The failing news agency was one of the leading promoters of the “Russia collusion hoax.” When the truth was finally exposed, Fake News CNN had egg all over their faces. But their hatred for the popular former president has never stopped.

Now, CNN is trying to beef up the narrative surrounding the shady FBI raid of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. There have been talking heads on CNN who insinuate that the FBI was after nuclear codes that President Trump took to his home. That was a fairy tale.

Like their woke counterpart in the family entertainment business, Disney, CNN is great at spinning fairy tales. Many times, President Trump proved he wasn’t scared of the radical far-left. Despite being cautioned by those close to him, he sat down with liberal hack Bob Woodward.

Woodward is a far-left journalist and author. He’s essentially a stooge for the left-leaning FBI. Woodward will soon be releasing the tapes from his 8-hour interview with the former president. CNN was champing at the bit.

As soon as they heard a rumor that President Trump supposedly told Woodward “classified information,” the meatheads at Fake News CNN went ballistic. They had their big story. Or did they? It turns out that Woodward either couldn’t or wouldn’t verify the validity of the rumor.

Remember, we’re talking about a left-wing journalistic hack who hates conservatives. If Bob Woodward thought he could throw President Trump under the bus, he’d do it in a minute. Apparently, Woodward and President Trump were discussing the U.S.’s military capabilities.

President Trump always speaks proudly of how he helped to rebuild strength in the U.S. military. He loves our armed forces. But Woodward could or wouldn’t verify the accuracy of any part of their conversation. Talk about a monumental letdown for the Trump-hating thugs at CNN.

Once again, CNN’s “reliable sources” just aren’t reliable after all. CNN’s Jamie Gangel reluctantly had to tell the truth. She said, “So just to clarify, Woodward was never able to verify whether this system exists.” It’s just more of the typical garbage from the “King of Fake News.”

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