The Man Who Predicted 24 of 26 Elections Correctly Has This To Say About President Trump in 2020

Recently, we've been seeing the mainstream media continually mentioning how far ahead former Vice President Joe Biden is in the polls.

This is all just a scare tactic to try and make people think that President Trump has no chance at winning the election.

Sadly, this is the same thing that they did back in 2016 when Donald Trump was running against Hillary Clinton. She was supposed to win easily as many polls had here ahead by double digits and at one point The New York Times said he only had a 15% chance of winning.

Of course, they were wrong and they are continually wrong and they're not to be trusted. In fact, they are the least trusted as we saw in recent poll.

The survey, conducted between the 13-22 of March, sought to gauge the response of Americans to how different institutions have handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the top of the list was U.S. hospitals, followed closely by daycare facilities, employers, and even State governments. In fact, every single institution received a net positive view except the news media. That included both candidates being trusted more than the media as well.

But one many accurately predicted that Donald Trump would win and says that he'll do it again.

Back in March he was predicting and 87% chance of winning. As of July, it's 91%!

Norpoth’s “Primary Model” shows that President Trump has a 91 percent chance of being reelected and also shows he would get 362 electoral votes. The model is based on a statistical and historical theory that the professor outlines.

That said, according to Newsday, there are some factors the professor doesn't take into account like the state of the world -- a pandemic, an unprecedented economic crisis, a country in turmoil over systemic racial injustice -- and which states Trump would have to win to clinch the 362 electoral votes.

The president would need to carry all of the states he won in 2016 plus New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Vermont, Virginia, Minnesota, Maine, and New Hampshire.

I'm looking for a landslide, how about you?

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