13-Year-Old Girl Dies From Stabbing Day Before Ma'Khia Bryant Incident

The angry and radical leftist Democrats have lost any sense when it comes to policing in America. Possibly the most important duty of law enforcement in our nation is to protect. Radical Democrats have no appreciation for this concept.

The fact was fully evident after police were forced to shoot and kill a teenage girl in Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday. Immediately, obviously without digesting any of the facts, former Chief Advisor to Barack Obama condemned the shooting as racist and unnecessary.

The Democrat Party's hatred for cops in America has become a rabid disease. As if by eerie coincidence, one day prior to the shooting of Ma'Khia Bryant before she could stab one of her victims a 13-year-old was killed with a knife in Winton Hills, Ohio.

There has not been a single sound from a radical Democrat on this tragic death. Valerie Jarrett's ignorant comment was topped by another insane rebuke of the Columbus shooting. Hollywood elitist and filmmaker Bree Newsome chirped in with her own senseless banter.

Newsome insisted that knife fights are common. They have been happening in such neighborhoods for years, and the residents don't want or need help from the police. Another supported Newsome's comments by insinuating it was bad police policy to bring a gun to a knife fight.

If this whole ordeal wasn't so tragic, these absolutely ignorant comments would be hysterical. However, they are terribly disturbing. While a Cincinnati-area community mourns the loss of a young life and searches for answers, radical Democrat sympathizers throw gasoline on a raging fire of discontent.

There may be limited situations where law enforcement must apply better judgment. These situations are extremely rare. The shooting of a knife-wielding crazed teenager in Columbus, Ohio was not one of these rare circumstances.

This was not in any way a violation of what we entrust our law enforcement officers to do. They are often presented with life or death decisions in order to protect us. The Columbus, Ohio shooting was one of them.

Any comments to the contrary are both senseless and reckless. However, that is the new method of attack used by radical Democrats. It's both sad and pathetic. The Democrat Party has a rabid hatred for police in America.

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