Thousands of False Positive Tests Discovered in Chinese Made COVID-19 Tests

I'm confident that China is at war with the rest of the world.

They may not be shooting missiles or sending in soldiers to kill people, but they are at war with us and many other countries as well right now.

There is still speculation as to whether or not this was created in a lab in Wuhan, China or not and that potentially this was a planned attack on the world.

They've apparently recovered from the virus almost entirely, yet practically everyone else is still battling this.

But one thing that's making it difficult is that it seems that China could be sabotaging recovery from the virus by sending countries tests that cause these false positives.

About 3,700 people in Sweden were told in error that they had the coronavirus due to a fault in a COVID-19 testing kit from China, the Public Health Agency said on Tuesday.

The kit from BGI Genomics could not distinguish between very low levels of the virus and a negative result, the agency said.

“The supplier must adjust the performance that is required for this test to be used,” Karin Tegmark Wisell, the head of its microbiology department, said.

The test kit has been widely exported to other countries, she added, but could not give further details.

BGI Genomics, two of whose subsidiaries are on a U.S. economic blacklist of companies implicated in human rights violations regarding China’s treatment of Uighurs, could not immediately be reached for comment.

It received emergency use authorization from U.S. authorities for its coronavirus testing kits in March and got an Emergency Use Listing from the World Health Organization in May.

This makes me further question how many false positives we've actually had here in the U.S.

We already know that we are finding them. Just recently we had the incident with the 77 NFL players who had supposedly tested positive for the coronavirus, but upon further examination by a lab, it was determined that every single one of them was actually negative.


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