Thousands Visit Mar-a-Lago for '2000 Mules' — Crowd Left Stunned as Proof Revealed on Stolen Election

Moviemakers have produced literally thousands of captivating political thrillers. The majority is either fabricated fiction or films based on unsubstantiated claims. However, hundreds of patriotic Americans just attended a screening of a true-life political shocker.

President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and resort was the site for an earth-shattering first screening of 2,000 Mules. Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary exposes the real truth behind the crooked 2020 presidential election.

2,000 Mules is not a fictional cinematic production based on innuendo and supposition. D’Souza’s masterpiece is video footage of Joe Biden and the Democrats flat out cheating. The film digs even deeper than the election manipulation executed by Big Tech.

Corrupt social media platforms censored all types of conservative election-related information. The most notorious was the burying of the Hunter Biden laptop story. Big Tech was guilty of doing much worse to help influence the final outcome.

However, D’Souza sticks with factual evidence, besides all the manipulative tricks, to show that Democrats cheated. The film has enough proof to put people in prison. As hundreds of liberal pundits claim, there is sufficient evidence that the election was not authentic.

Anyone saying that fraud did not exist is lying. Likewise, so-called political experts, even bureaucrats close to the former president, who insist that the fraud was not widespread, are lying. Anyone who claims that the election wasn’t rigged is either lying or grossly misinformed.

2,000 Mules is going to be a shock to anyone who discounted the greatest crime in American history as a hoax. The election was stolen, and Dinesh D’Souza has proven it. What D’Souza did was follow a trend that President Trump openly cautioned was going to happen.

Like “True the Vote’s” Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, President Trump believed that Democrats used drop box voting as a way to cheat. Democrats used the China-triggered COVID pandemic to grossly overextend mail-in and drop box voting options. It wasn’t necessary.

Ahead of the election, President Trump warned Americans for months against mail-in voter fraud. Many conservative Republicans denounced the claims as unfounded. They were wrong, very wrong. Much of Engelbrecht and Phillips’ theories focused on key swing states.

They strongly believed that political operatives were paid to stuff hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots into drop boxes. The cheating happened across Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The final margin of victory in each of these states was razor-thin.

Any fraud, even fraud that might not be considered “widespread”, could have easily been enough to flip the state. The 2,000 Mules documentary exposes this theory as true. It happened. All the corrupt mainstream media, including FOX News, are ignoring the significance of this movie.

We can only assume that it’s because they’re afraid of what Americans might do if the “big steal” theory, espoused by President Trump supporters, were proven to be true. With the release of 2,000 Mules, it has been. The election was stolen. Joe Biden cheated. Here’s how.

• The investigations used geo-tracking from cellphones. The technology allowed them to identify tens of thousands of ballot traffickers (mules). They targeted key 2020 battleground states, but there’s evidence of illegal ballot trafficking in other states as well.
• The total ballot count dropped by the mules was far more than enough votes to steal each major swing state. The cheating flipped the election for Joe Biden. He did not win.
• The National Republican Senate Committee was handed thousands of pages of evidence of voter fraud. The NRSC didn’t do a thing. They buried the evidence.
• Georgia Governor Brian Kemp worked to block “True the Vote” from exposing the truth.
• The FBI and Department of Justice used ‘ping’ data on cellphones to identify, locate, and subsequently arrest January 6 protesters. They refused to apply the same technique to expose ballot traffickers in 2020.
• The same ballot trafficking strategy was used in Georgia in the 2018 election. Many of the same suspects from 2018 operated in 2020 as well.
• Democrats paid the mules between $10 and $40 per ballot. The traffickers took pictures of their ballot box dumps to get paid.
• There were 1,155 identified ballot traffickers in Pennsylvania. Mules used five central drop box locations. Pennsylvania produced evidence of the worst cheating in the country.
• The ballot traffickers even crossed state lines between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, hauling illegal ballots to Philadelphia by the thousands.
• The hired traffickers all made stops at Democrat Party affiliated offices. Lying cheaters like Stacey Abrams may want to find a new line of work, or better yet, a strong criminal defense attorney.

If, after watching D’Souza’s startling documentary, an American voter isn’t angry, there’s something wrong. Maybe they’re radical, self-proclaimed socialist Democrats. Those are the only people that would advocate such dirty, third-world chicanery.

2,000 Mules played at select theaters on May 2 and 4. President Trump spoke prior to the showing at Mar-a-Lago. The virtual premiere of the documentary is set for 8:00 pm on May 7. The actual evidence used to produce this stunning film is set to be released later this month.

You can bet that the cheating liberals are scrabbling for their next big lie. They’ll try, but this time the cameras have nailed them. We suppose it might prove helpful to have so many corrupt liberal lawyers on their payroll. They’re going to need a bunch of them.

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