Trump Discovered Elizabeth Warren STOLE $5 Billion...Where She Spent It Will Have You Furious

Ever since Donald Trump stepped into office, he has been on a mission to expose the corruption inside of Washington D.C. His promise to drain the swamp has gradually been coming to fruition as more and more people are being removed from their governmental positions.

Now he's done it again and exposed corruption involving failed presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Warren has been funding radical left organizations with tax-payer dollars.

Warren created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) which is an organization that was actually that was to focus on handing down financial regulations to banks and lenders that needs disciplinary action from the government. But it looks like that money that went towards the organization was grossly mishandled.

So what was it used for? I'm glad you asked.

From what I can gather, she used the funds to go towards far-left political organizations. So it seems that whether or not you wanted it to, your taxes helped fund the left.

The Independent Minute reported President Trump has finally become privy through the appointment of his own counsel that Elizabeth Warren funneled money to the tune of $ 5 BILLION directly into the hands of purely left organizations displaying an obvious and illegal favoritism for democrats when banking profits are to be handed down to the entire country, not just the left side.

The House Financial Services Committee learned that the agency regularly held what amounted to secret meetings with Democrat operatives, trial layers, representatives of radical leftist organizations and so-called “community advisors” that deliberately excluded business executives and industry experts.

So far we have discovered the CFPB may have funneled as much as $5 billion of the penalties they levied against legitimate business entities to Obama’s network of community organizers, the same group of activists Elizabeth Warren had been counting on to carry her message of open borders, amnesty, white privilege, and a whole host of social justice issues that would distract from her Marxist policies.

Liberals are all corrupt and yet claim that conservatives are the ones who need to be investigated, this tactic is known as deflection and liberals are infamous for their constant application of it for the sole purpose of hiding what it is they are secretly doing illegally.

Photo Credit: Lorie Shaull

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