UNBELIEVABLE! Man Gets Caught Burying Dead Girlfriend in Backyard in Bizarre Fashion

J. R. R. Tolkien put it rather succinctly. In The Fellowship of the Ring Tolkien wrote, “Deserves it! I daresay he does. Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life.” Well, recently, a South Carolina man may have gotten exactly what he deserved.

In a report aired by local ABC affiliate WJBF, a heavy dose of karma seems to have gotten the best of this poor chap. In Trenton, South Carolina, law enforcement was called to a home on Tanglewood Drive. When police arrived, they immediately discovered an unresponsive male.

The man was dead. The deceased was a 60-year-old male, Joseph Anthony McKinnon. McKinnon was found in his backyard, apparently succumbing to cardiac arrest. The coroner confirmed this conclusion, saying he had died from natural causes, likely a heart attack.

So, what’s the karma aspect of an old man keeling over in his backyard from a heart attack? The notion that he left this earth via a not-so-uncommon act of God is only part of the story. When police discovered what McKinnon was doing, “act of God” took on a whole new meaning.

While investigating McKinnon’s untimely death, police noticed a rather suspicious thing. There in the backyard was a freshly dug pit. Certainly, to their surprise, police found a second body. The second dead body was 65-year-old Patricia Ruth Dent.

Evidently, Dent lived at the same address with McKinnon. The coroner immediately suspected foul play. The coroner was correct. Dent had been strangled to death. Quite obviously, unless McKinnon was cleaning up a hired assassin’s handy work, he was trying to bury his victim.

After the full autopsies were revealed, the conclusion was finalized. Dent was strangled to death and McKinnon, apparently stressed from the laborious task of burying his victim, succumbed to cardiac arrest. While not married, this story gives new meaning to “until death do us part.”

Dent’s twin sister, Pamela Briggs, confirmed that Dent and McKinnon lived together as boyfriend and girlfriend. Briggs was shocked by her sister’s death, saying, “I would say a nightmare, and I want to wake up, and it’s a dream. I know it’s not.”

The investigation confirmed that McKinnon most likely killed Dent inside the home. Investigators believe that he then, “bound her and wrapped her in trash bags before putting her in a pit he dug.” While finishing the job, it seems McKinnon met his untimely demise.

Or was it “untimely”? Sometimes justice doesn’t always work out for the best. However, sometimes lady karma takes over. As J. R. R. Tolkien put it, “Many that live deserve death.” Joe McKinnon deserved justice. It seems this time that “justice” came from a “higher source!”

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