US and Saudi Militaries on High Alert Over Intelligence Warning of Imminent Attack

Even Joe Biden’s former boss insisted that if there was a way for Joe to screw something up, he’d find it. This is especially true of Biden’s total ineptitude when it comes to U.S. foreign policy. Joe Biden has never been on the right side of an international policy decision.

In a nutshell, Biden’s abilities to deal with world leaders, especially dangerous U.S. adversaries, are pathetic. Since he took office nearly two years ago, Biden has orchestrated one failed foreign policy after another.

His performance on the international stage is so pathetic; Biden has the world facing the grave possibility of nuclear Armageddon. He’s a total buffoon. However, he’s a dangerous buffoon. The Biden administration has worked to undermine every President Trump policy.

Biden’s complete reversal of President Trump’s successful border policies has created a crisis. But one of the worst decisions of the Biden administration involved the Iran Nuclear DealPresident Trump rightfully walked away and leveled sanctions against the rogue nation.

The hard-line stance worked. However, Joe Biden has kowtowed to the Iranian regime. The result has been Iran’s return to defiance. Iran is a notorious sponsor of terrorist organizations. They are a blatant threat to Israel, one of America’s most dedicated allies in the Middle East.

Joe Biden has also harmed relations with Saudi Arabia. Biden had the audacity to call the Crown Prince a pariah. Then he groveled at the Saudis’ feet, hoping to reverse his horrible energy policies that have sent fuel prices skyrocketing.

If you needed more evidence of Biden’s total ineptitude on the world stage, this might have been enough. Nevertheless, the combination of his weak stance against Iran and feeble attempts to maintain a friendship with Saudi Arabia may be setting a dangerous stage.

Sadly, the Saudi leader is questioning Joe Biden’s fitness for office. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is correct. Joe Biden is not fit to run the most powerful nation in the world. He’s proving every day that he is both inept and dangerous.

Now, both U.S. and Saudi Arabia militaries are on high alert. Military intelligence warns of an imminent attack by the Iranians. Military alertness has peaked across the region. Reportedly, Iran is targeting locations in Saudi Arabia, Erbil, and Iraq.

Iranian Major General Hossein Salami threatened the Saudis, proclaiming, “This is our last warning because you are interfering in our internal affairs through these media. You are involved in this matter and know that you are vulnerable.”

These types of dangerous situations would not be happening under the daring leadership of President Donald Trump. President Trump did not kowtow to rogue regimes. Under his guidance, The Middle East had the highest levels of peace it’s seen in decades.

Now, with feckless Joe Biden at the helm, the world is in turmoil. Russia attacked Ukraine. North Korea is brazenly launching dangerous missiles. Ultimately, Iran may push the Middle East back into a dangerous state of violent conflict. These things did not need to happen.

The entire world is less safe. Furthermore, U.S. national security is more at risk than at any time in the last 75 years. Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of foreign policy his whole career. But the issue now is that he’s close to pushing us towards World War III.

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