US Filled Planes with Unvetted Afghans, Left Behind Those with Papers

A US Marine on the scene on August 26 at the Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul reported that, after the suicide bombing outside the gate, the Biden administration was attempting to get as many people out of the area on waiting airplanes as possible.

The problem is that many of those airlifted out were non vetted Afghani people.

Many undeserved refugees were brought out, leaving our allies with official papers behind.

According to the source, at first officials were attempting to properly vet those who were lined up to board aircraft on the ground, but in the confusion, Biden-influenced admins were ordered to simply get as many people on the waiting aircraft as possible, allowing for the White House to claim more souls saved than was warranted.

Unfortunately, due to this callous disregard for the rules, many people who deserved spots on the planes were denied. The New York Times have confirmed this was the way of things on the ground at the Kabul airport that day.

Refugees pushed their way onto airplanes. Hundreds of children were separated from their parents. Rogue flights landed without manifests. Security vetting of refugees was done in hours or days, rather than months or years…

The total number of evacuees, and where they are currently waiting, is still not clear, though Mr. Biden said Tuesday that more than 120,000 had been evacuated. As of Friday, Alejandro N. Mayorkas, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said about 40,000 people had arrived in the United States at airports near Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia. Officials expect about 17,000 more to arrive by next Friday, and thousands more may ultimately end up living in a dozen other countries…

But unclassified briefing documents titled “2021 Afghanistan Repatriation Mission” reveal that in some cases, spotty information is being collected: Flight manifests have been at times incomplete or missing, visa or citizenship status is unknown, and there is a lack of basic demographic data.

Worse yet, there was seemingly a quote for an exact number of people to be boarded and flown out, because once that number was reached, people stopped being evacuated.

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