Vaccine Passport Microchip Video Goes Viral – Is This “The Mark of the Beast”?

Ever sit back and scratch your head over all the crazy twists and turns that seem to be an inherent part of the COVID pandemic? Do you think that sometimes the narrative is just too contradictory to the facts? Does something just not seem right?

One minute masks are a bad idea, and then the next minute we need two or three. At one point, liberal politicians caution us to take a guarded to approach to a hastily approved vaccination, but then later on bemoan anyone who has questions as a potential murder.

This is life in the “times of COVID”. It has been a circus since the first documented case emerged in the state of Washington. This horror show has now become a daily feature for nearly two years.

“Flatten the curve” seems like a quote from a Renaissance-era playwright. Blowhard liberal politicians and medical bureaucrats have screamed of biblical consequences for those who do not comply.

Well, maybe we shouldn’t simply ignore certain aspects of biblical prophecy when it comes to COVID-19.

This whole pandemic has been used to manipulate society. Christians might begin to sense how such a global pandemic could foretell an ominous biblical apocalypse. The Book of Revelation proclaims the prophecies referred to by Christians as “the end times”.

The prophecy marks the downfall of civilization, ignited by a series of demonic beasts. Revelation 13:15-17 says “The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.”

As the Revelation continues, it mentions how all people will be forced to receive a mark on their hand or forehead. It will be proclaimed as “the Mark of the Beast”. Those who refuse the mark will be ostracized out of society.

Does this sound conveniently familiar? Does the threat of death and dismay for all who refuse to comply sound eerily similar to what’s prophesized in the final book of the New Testament? Doesn’t “vaccine mandates” sound shockingly like biblically forewarned decrees?

If they do, it may be because they are. We don’t have to look far for some proof. One Swedish company is already pushing to apply, “the Mark of the Beast”. A Stockholm-based startup, Epicenter, has developed a microchip to supposedly serve as a “COVID-19 vaccine passport.

This convenient little mark can be placed under the skin on your arm or hand. This should sound familiar to Christians. They say this implant will function to show proof of vaccination. However, this same microchip could be used to do a lot more.

It could, as well, be used as a means of control. About 6,000 Swedes have already been implanted with this chip. It’s said that anyone with this chip can purchase merchandise with just a swipe of their hand. That doesn’t only sound futuristic, it sounds creepy.

Developers of this microchip say it can also be used as a building pass code or a bus pass. In other words, the lack of such a microchip could eventually stop someone from participating in society. Without a chip, you won’t be able to function in society.

You could be locked out of your home or prevented from using public transit. Every one of your financial transactions could be recorded and traced. Government will be able to track you. This supposedly innocent little chip could be a real life Bible prophecy starting to come true.

From day one of the pandemic, some foretold of it being a biblical sign. One Twitter post bemoaned naysayers by tweeting, “Remember your crazy Christian relative who warned you about the Mark of the Beast? You owe them an apology.”

There are a number of apologies soon in order in reference to the COVID pandemic. The first is that it originated in nature. It did not. The second apology may never come. If it does, it will be too late. Some have tried to warn us.

That apology will come as the “Mark of the Beast” is demanded. If you don’t think an innocent little microchip stuck in your hand could be a bad thing, you may be the one soon owed an apology. Don’t count on one coming. You were forewarned.

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