Venezuela Sending Criminals to U.S. Because of Biden’s Open Border Policies

The United States of America has long been deemed the “land of opportunity.” It’s called the “American Dream,” and rightfully so. The New Colossus is a famous poem by Emma Lazarus, which expresses this most cherished belief.

Lazarus’ poem was written specifically to raise money for the construction of “The Statue of Liberty’s” base. The sonnet is cast on a bronze plaque that is mounted inside the statue’s lower level. It signifies America’s welcoming arms to immigrants.

It is a revered trait of our nation. However, Lazarus mentions, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” Nowhere in her 14 lines of poetry did Lazarus mention shipping your hardened criminals.

However, that seems to be the mindset of at least one country. As the wave of illegal migration continues to spew across the U.S. southern border, Venezuela appears to be taking full advantage of Joe Biden’s insane open border policy. To be clear, the border is wide open.

The corrupt communist regime controlling the South American country is not only allowing its citizens to migrate northward, but they’re specifically making travel arrangements for a select few. Venezuela is releasing its hardened criminals and shipping them off to the United States.

That’s another example of “way to go, Joe.” Not only have Biden’s radical open border policies created a humanitarian crisis, they’re putting Americans at risk. No one really knows what kind of people make up the massive number of “got aways” not detained by the border patrol.

Simple logic would indicate that individuals fleeing authorities would have something to hide. The chance that those who avoid U.S. border patrol agents are “bad actors” is relatively high. But there’s no mistaking what types of people Venezuela is dumping on the U.S.

Venezuela is getting rid of the people who put their own citizens at risk by purposefully sending them to the United States. Fourteen U.S. House Republicans scripted a letter to the Director of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas.

Texas congressman Troy Nehls is spearheading the effort to force Mayorkas to answer questions about this blatant disregard for U.S. federal law. They insist that Venezuela’s corrupt Maduro regime is putting American citizens “in grave danger.”

When you purposefully flood a country’s borders with your hardened and violent criminals, you’re doing it on purpose. This is an attack on U.S. security. While it may not be considered an act of war, it is an assault on the country.

The letter to Mayorkas covers a DHS intelligence report that exposes the issue. An unnamed source in the report warned that “released prisoners, including those convicted of murder, rape, and extortion, have been seen within migrant caravans traveling to the southern border.”

This new revelation comes as the number of illegal border crossings in 2022 hits an all-time record. U.S. border patrol agents have made over 2 million encounters already, and it’s only August. Of these encounters, over 130,000 have been with Venezuelan nationals.

How many of these Venezuelans are dangerous criminals? Does Joe Biden even care? According to Biden and his numskulls in charge of U.S. border policy, “the border is secure.” It’s not. All anyone has to do is look at the numbers.

Texas border towns are being overwhelmed every day. The borders aren’t secure. The U.S.’s southern border hasn’t been secure since the day Joe Biden took office. He opened the door and put out the welcome mat, even for dangerous criminals. This situation is not an accident.

The Biden administration is purposefully allowing criminals to enter the United States. America is less safe because of Joe Biden. Alejandro Mayorkas must be removed from his position as director. Anyone else involved must be fired. But the buck stops with Joe Biden.

Biden erased the border security policies of President Trump. Joe Biden is responsible. He’s done many things wrong during his time in the White House. Many are impeachable offenses. But the catastrophe he’s created at the southern border is a slam dunk impeachment case.

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