Virgin Atlantic Airlines Is the Latest Victim of “Go Woke, Go Broke”

Wokeism is the latest fad. But sort of like animal-print dresses and 70s leisure suits, most Americans hope the woke culture fad dies a quick death. There is some sense that companies that jump on the “woke bandwagon” are dooming themselves to a financial death.

The level of economic destruction that has been leveled for “going woke” spans the spectrum of business types. News platforms like CNN have watched viewer numbers plummet. Bed Bath and Beyond was forced to close over 150 stores after dropping MyPillow products.

Social media platforms such as Facebook have laid off hundreds of employees because their woke policies have cost them users. Other huge companies such as Amazon have tried to “go woke” and have endured hefty consequences for their snap decisions.

Target reported a 90 percent profit loss after their feeble attempt to kowtow to the woke culture. The facts are simple. Go woke, go broke! But that isn’t stopping one airline from instituting some of the most radical woke policies yet.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines is the latest company to follow “blindly down the path of wokeness.” Virgin changed the company’s gendered clothing requirement. Now, Virgin’s latest uniform policy will allow men to wear skirts.

Their slogan is that Virgin wants to become the world’s “most inclusive airline.” That ambition may well turn out to be true. But if recent trends continue, this latest fad by Virgin Atlantic is going to hit them where it hurts the most, the company’s pocketbook.

Passengers and crew alike will be able to get their very own “pronoun badge” to express their gender-neutral identity. Staff will be able to wear clothing that expresses their personal identity as well. How doesn’t that appear to be a policy with potentially disastrous results?

Most parents wouldn’t want to take their children onboard an airplane with a male flight attendant clad in a miniskirt with fishnet stockings. The Daily Mail reports that all Virgin Atlantic employees must attend “all-inclusivity” training.

Drag queens and other celebs are helping the company promote its radical ideas. Tyreece Nye, a TikTok star and contestant on the show Slag Wars, has been hired to help showcase Virgin’s new policies.

Virgin claims it’s launching “an ongoing drive to champion the individuality of its people and customers.” It sounds more like Virgin Atlantic is trying to obliterate biology by erasing the individuality of being a man or a woman.

People can wear whatever they want. If a man wants to wear a dress, who’s to stop him? But if he wants us to accept the notion that he’s a woman, that’s something no one is required to do. This whole “gender inclusive” fad is not about being inclusive, it’s about excluding.

This is just another ideology put forth by the radical woke culture. Dozens of companies have bent the proverbial knee to bow to these insane ideas. However, most of them have run head-long into some stiff consequences.

Virgin Atlantic will be the next. We suppose if you really need a last-minute seat on an airline flight, you might check with Virgin. By all indications, they’re about to have a bunch of empty seats. Virgin Atlantic Airlines is the latest example of “go woke, go broke.”

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