VOTER FRAUD: More Than 1000 People Voted Twice in This US State, But Democrats Aren't Worried

Democrats think that voter fraud isn't a real concern, well they better think again because it's not just a possibility, it's a present reality.

Just this week, it was revealed that more than 1,000 Georgia residents voted twice in the primary election held back in June.

This is indeed a felony offense and Brad Raffensperger who is Georgia's Secretary of State said that these people will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

These voters submitted absentee ballots but also voted in person, a problem that happened across 100 Georgia counties, and election officials didn’t catch them in time to keep the second votes from being tallied, Raffensperger announced during a press conference outside the state Capitol.

“A double voter knows exactly what they’re doing, diluting the votes of each and every voter that follows the law,” Raffensperger said. "Those that make the choice to game the system are breaking the law. And as secretary of state, I will not tolerate it.”

It was not immediately clear whether the outcome of any races may have been affected.

Raffensperger said his office’s investigators will hand the findings over to the state attorney general and local district attorneys for possible prosecution. Double voting is a felony that is punishable by one to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $100,000, Raffensperger said.

Basically, what happened was that a lot of Georgia residents requested and received a mail-in ballot for the primary, but didn't use them. Instead, they either didn't vote or voted in person instead.

However, 1000 of those people who did request and send in a ballot through mail actually did vote in person as well, thereby committing voter fraud.

Let's assume for a moment that this happens in November as well...what happens when they learn about the fraud? Do the results change? Do they remain? Because in the past, we've seen people like Doug Jones still keep his job even though.

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