Wait! What? Prostitutes Are Protesting GOP Health Care Bill

Just when I thought I had seen it all... Alice Little, the leader of "Hookers for Healthcare", a group of “licensed prostitutes in Nevada, working in legal brothels,” have banded together in protest of the GOP healthcare bill. Further, they've even released a statement:

…the proposed American Health Care Act is a situation that directly affects not only myself, but the other working ladies, staff, and clients that make up the legal Nevada brothel industry…

Hundreds of thousands of Nevadans will lose coverage if the Trumpcare bill passes, and even more will be significantly affected as a result of the legislation. This includes Nevada’s most unique demographic — the thousands of licensed working girls who ply their trade in the only state in the USA where prostitution is legal…

The groups apparent leader even slams the alleged cuts to Medicaid:

Every girl that becomes a legal prostitute doesn’t become financially comfortable overnight. I have been fortunate to amass a strong clientele and establish myself as a financially successful businesswoman within Nevada’s legal brothel industry, but that can take time. A young woman entering our business who in some cases may also be a single mother with limited financial means will also need time to build her customer base, and expanded access to Medicaid for her or her child may be the only way that she is able to know that they will be covered for health care until she can increase her income. Helping Americans to help themselves should be an important role of any government assistance program, and Trumpcare would deal a devastating blow to the ability of some to become self sustaining citizens…

As written for The Daily Wire by Frank Camp:

What this amounts to – despite the provocative nature of the protest – is another group of people falling for the lies of the progressive movement. These “working women” are moved by the progressive notion that the federal government is our parental provider, and that anything that veers from that ideology is, without question, wrong.

If these working ladies took more than a nanosecond to read the bill rather than simply listen to Democratic fear-mongering, they would see that the “cuts” to Medicaid aren't designed to leave the working poor stranded, but to increase the quality of care while cutting wasteful spending.

Much of the rest of the bill is critically flawed. However, the main change about which the Hookers for Healthcare are concerned — alleged Medicaid cuts that will have them on the streets — is a nothing burger.

Prostitutes Protest Republican Health Care Bill. Yes, Actual Prostitutes.

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