Warren Desperately Tries To Assure You Of Her Humble Beginnings [VIDEO]

Elizabeth Warren LOVES the idea that her followers may think of her as "one of them" which, and this is just my opinion, has lead to quite a bit of hypocrisy throughout her career.

This week, radio host Jeff Kuhner flat out called her out on this, citing her rallying against the One Percent even though she is, in fact, part of the 1%.

Of course, Warren then fumbly tried to defend herself stating that she comes from humble beginnings. Her mother was a janitor, you see, who managed to advance in her career due to “equality of opportunity”. Which, if you ask me, is crap! Your mom worked her butt off and you don't think she freaking earned it? That's how I read it... tell me if you think I'm wrong in the comments.

A lot of her money has come from consultation work, mind you, but she's paid pretty big bucks for that work. Back in 2010 she was paid $90,000 to be an expert witness in a class-action lawsuit against some of the biggest U.S. banks. As an appointee to a part-time government post, Warren was permitted to continue doing outside work under the rules governing such positions. Some ethics attorneys said her work created at least the appearance of a conflict of interest given her leverage over banks as head of the watchdog group.

So yeah, kids, don't let her fool you. She is a One Percenter... it's great that she came from "humble beginnings" but so do most of us. Then it really bugs me how she, in my eyes, totally downplays her mom's success of moving up in her career as part of some "equality" agenda. Are you saying your mom didn't work her butt off to provide for you, show her employers what she's made of, and earn it?

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