WATCH: Antifa Leader At Capitol Attack Doing Interviews with CNN Instead of Being Arrested

An activist who has been well known for his support of the far left and the black lives matter movement known as John Sullivan was recently identified as one of the many people who were in attendance at the capitol building when groups decided to illegally enter the building.

It is crucial to note that Sullivan is not actually a Trump supporter, but instead the exact opposite. Sullivan once had an Instagram that has now been deleted that made mention of the fact he was the founder of a group known as the "Insurgence USA".

This group posted multiple warnings saying frightening things such as, "an armed revolution is the only way to bring about change."

It was a little over 6 months ago that Sullivan was actually placed under arrest thanks to a protest that he organized himself. The actual charges in which he was booked into jail for include investigation of rioting, criminal mischief, and threats of violence.

The protest resulted in an innocent bystander being shot. Not only that, but Sullivan was caught on video making threats towards a woman in an suv before going on to cause cosmetic damage to the vehicle by deciding to kick in the door.


Well, Sullivan has been doing multiple interviews, including interviews with CNN.

So here's a question that I have. We know that this guy was inside the Capitol, we have video of it, and we have him admitting that he was why hasn't he been arrested?

Even if he didn't lead the way and break the windows or do anything violent, his very presence there was a federal crime and he should be arrested for it. So why isn't that happening?

There have been over 100 arrests, and possibly even 200 arrests made from the Capitol incident. Some of those people were not doing anything violent or stealing anything, so why were they arrested and he isn't?

I think we all know the answer to that.

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