WATCH: Ballot Harvester Caught RED-HANDED Selling Ballot, Proof Ilhan Omar is Behind It

This week we shared a recent development with you and revealed Ilhan Omar's diabolical plot to steal numerous elections.

What we're seeing with this is the first good look into the system by which Democrats steal the elections.

Seen in the video, one of the men, Osman Ali Dahquane, admits to SOOO much. “They [Ilhan Omar operatives] spent a lot of money. I was given money so I could vote. I was given money so I could vote--$800,” he said.

When asked if Ilhan Omar paid for votes, Dahquane said, “Yes, but she paid the wrong guys.”

While he has previously profited from the pay-to-vote scheme, he acknowledges criminals haven’t been arrested or held accountable for their wrongdoings and until they are punished, he has no reason to fear.

“We don’t mind illegal,” Dahquane said, "If this continues this direction, many people will go to prison, or no one will vote in the city of Minneapolis. It is very, very corrupt. We are in trouble if they come after us. We are in big trouble if they come after us."

Also, in the video, Osman Ali Dahquane admits that he is using the money to pay terrorists in Somalia so that he can start a business over there. He says he sent Al-Shabaab, which is a jihadist terrorist sect that is aligned with Al-Qaeda.

“I sent it from my account. I sent Mogadishu $2,000 last night. Here is the receipt. I’m requesting a license to be issued at the Ministry of Interior. It’s very expensive. It cost me $2,000,” he said. “Still, I still have to pay Al-Shabaab to leave me alone--Al-Shabaab, they are demanding $1,000.”

This is all too insane. But there is still more, he also mentions that the judges are even being paid off themselves.

Minneapolis and/or the whole state of Minnesota is full of corruption and there is much that needs to be done about it. Hopefully, Attorney General Bill Barr will get involved and quickly before they try to buy the presidential election as well.

Here is the first video just in case you didn't see it already. It's definitely shocking.

Project Veritas

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