WATCH Brits BASH Biden: “So Senile He Probably Won’t Remember What We Tell Him Anyway”

Joe Biden's first trip abroad as president is not going well. In Cornwall with the first doctor for the G7 summit, Squinty Joe grossed out onlookers by fawning over British prime minister Boris Johnson's young wife.

He offended some in the States by telling the English he didn't want to go home, although many are perfectly fine with that idea. Worst of all, he managed to alienate a longtime ally.

Great Britain has been in talks with the European Union about sausage sales in Northern Ireland. Although Boris Johnson has made optimistic statements to the press, the disagreement over trade flow and tariffs has become strained as the EU expresses its impatience with the Brits.

Inexplicably, the Biden administration found it necessary to get involved in the situation. Biden's diplomats issued a disapproving message to Johnson, rebuking the PM for potentially disrupting the peace process.

The Brits were unsurprisingly upset about the U.S. interference. An unnamed Tory MP told Politico that the U.S. should remember who its allies are...but that Biden would probably forget what the English told him unless an aide was listening and could remind him. Ouch!

"America should remember who their allies are… unfortunately he’s (Biden) so senile that he probably won’t remember what we tell him anyway. ‘Unless an aide is listening I’m not sure he’s going to remember for very long.’"

Those who thought President Trump would be a diplomatic disaster are probably experiencing a few secret regrets about right now.

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