WATCH: Chuck Schumer Gets Taste of His Own Medicine After 'Transexual Gypsy' Berates Him During Speech in NYC

I won't lie, I love seeing the Democrats get a taste of their own medicine.

On Tuesday, Chuck Schumer gave a speech in Manhattan about the attack on the Capitol last week.

Schumer called for those involved in the attack to be placed on a no-fly list permanently.

“We cannot allow these same insurrectionists to get on a plane and cause more violence and more damage,” Schumer said.

His speech was then interrupted by a "transexual gypsy"...whatever that is. This individual then went on to berate Schumer for a couple of minutes calling him a "racist anti-Semite" and some other not-so-nice things as well.


“Remember this, Adolf Hitler was a Socialist and that’s exactly who you follow!” the protester said to Schumer. “You’re nothing but a coward!”

The protester then called a white man by a racial slur, while he/she is standing there berating Schumer about being a racist. How ironic.

This isn't the first time that Schumer has had hecklers interrupt his speech. Last year, he held a press conference following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

But while Schumer was giving his speech, he was interrupted by hecklers.

Schumer said,

“Senate Republicans in this administration have demonstrated they can’t be trusted to protect the American people. That’s why Senator [Patty] Murray and I introduced the Stop Act to establish essential oversight of the coronavirus response. The bill would create a task force to report to the public when politics are behind COVID response decisions rather than Republicans just letting scientists doing their work. You’ll hear more about that from Senator Murray, but we Democrats are fighting as we hard as we can to protect Americans. And we need Americans to …”

That’s when the heckler jumped in and started shouting, "You ain't doing s**t! Stop lying to the people."

Take a look:

The full video of the encounter is below if you'd like to watch the full 15-minute speech. The protester does go on to yell some more from a distance.


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