WATCH: Churchgoers Mistake Woman's Cilantro For Marijuana, Berate Her On Video

We live in an age smothered by quick, thoughtless reactions. People are fast to judge and slow to apologize for misjudgments. There is a cancerous liberal ideology that feeds off pessimism and suspicion.

One woman experienced firsthand this radical tendency to jump to conclusions. During a service for prison inmates, one Oklahoma woman was removed for supposedly bringing marijuana. She was attending a service at the Redemption United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City.

There was one huge problem. What she brought was a garnish for a Mexican soup dish she brought to the event. Without even checking what the substance was, radical churchgoers freaked out.

One woman falsely accused the distraught mother of bringing drugs into the church. Others heckled her, screaming for to leave. Again, no one had a clue what the substance was. In fact, they threw it out without even inspecting it.

Ashley, the woman falsely accused of bringing weed into a church fired back, “That's cilantro! That's for the food! That's for the Menudo!” She insisted that all these insane people needed to do was smell it.

They couldn’t. It had already been tossed. Ashley started sobbing. She couldn’t understand why she was being accused of such a thing. Ashley brings her daughter to the same church regularly. “Why would I do that?” she asked.

When Ashley tried to retrieve the food, she realized it had been tossed out. Without even making sure what it was, these quick-to-jump-to-conclusion radical self-righteous types assumed what it was.

@alimamii23They didn’t even let me explain! They automatically just accused me!! Not looking for people to feel bad for us just wanted to share! #Fyp♬ original sound - Ali_Ali

@alimamii23Threatened to call the police just because I asked for the garnish back. I was so happy to go to church and then this happens to us! #Fyp #okc #church♬ original sound - Ali_Ali

Ashley is of Hispanic ethnicity. As she endured the frustration, Ashley unloaded a condemning barrage in Spanish. It’s equally clear that her ethnicity may have led to the quickly perceived false accusations against her.

The cilantro is now gone. No one will ever know. One witness lamented, “The way they're racially profiling y'all is crazy they didn't even try to smell the food.” Most of the people questioned found it rather amusing that cilantro was mistaken for weed.

However, it’s very unlikely that this Oklahoma mom found the whole ordeal very funny. It was an insult. The episode reveals a dark side spewing forth in our nation. A radical ideology has emerged that triggers people to be quick to judge.

Individuals are instantly making assumptions with no consideration for the facts. Judgments, followed by radical condemnations, are hurled without justification. While mistaking cilantro for weed might seem like a funny gaffe, it’s how and why it happened that is alarming.

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