WATCH: Delusional House Impeachment Manager Claims Trial Was A Success

Representative Jamie Raskin recently served as the lead impeachment manager in the recent sham impeachment trial against President Trump.

NBC News anchor Chuck Todd interviewed Rep. Raskin to ask him about the trial.

Todd asked Rep. Raskin, “So do you feel like this was a success? Or do you feel like because you failed to convict that you can’t look at it any other way than a failure?”

Look at Rep. Raskin's response, “I think it was a dramatic success in historical terms. It was the largest impeachment conviction vote in U.S. history. It was by far the most bipartisan majority that’s ever assembled in the Senate to convict a president, which has traditionally been a kind of partisan thing in American history. We got seven Republicans, and if you look at the ten Republicans in the House who joined us, it was by far the most bipartisan decision and a complete repudiation of the president’s conduct. Now, unfortunately, it didn’t reach the two-thirds majority in the Senate.”

I don't know how this moron could even consider this a success. I swear it just seems that Democrats say something completely opposite of reality and they expect you to believe just because they say it. I'm sure they're convinced in their own minds as well, but that's because they don't know how to think logically.

Rep. Raskin even said, “Everybody was convinced of the case we put forward, but, you know, as the defense lawyer said, just pick any one of these phony constitutional defenses, and then you can justify it.”

Who does this guy seriously think he's fooling? Trump's legal team even proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they used fake and doctored materials as "evidence", but "everybody was convinced"? Give me a break. It's purely political and the vote that happened would have happened with or without evidence. Our government is severely flawed and almost beyond redemption at this point.

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