Watch: Democrats Cringe After Biden Mutters 6 Words That Are Going To Haunt Them In Three Months

Joe Biden believes he is having troubles right now, but in three months, things will be far worse for him.

Biden spoke six words that will haunt him until the September, and honestly, more than likely until the midterms are over.

Watch Pelosi's squirm in the video below when she's asked about inflation and you'll see what I mean.

Reports indicate that the United States' gross domestic product (GDP) decreased by 1.4 percent in the second quarter, and that the country will be in recession by the third quarter if this continues. Upon being asked about the possibility of a recession, Vice President Biden responded, "I'm not concerned about a recession."

Those six words are going to haunt him for the rest of the third quarter, which concludes on September 30th, just over a month before the midterm elections.

This is the same man who claimed that inflation is a "transitory" phenomenon.

If you take a look at the rise in inflation, it is possible that America has been in a recession since 2021. It is only now that the figures are beginning to catch up with the devastation caused by the Biden administration.

Joe, on the other hand, believes that all of this is actually a good thing. What a moron!

Even Democratic voters are taken aback. According to a Politico report, even Democratic voters are dissatisfied with Joe Biden, which is discussed in the video below.

On the same day, Vice President Joe Biden suffered one of his most severe cognitive breakdowns to date...

It's sad. This old man is just falling apart and being taken advantage of by his own party.

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