WATCH: Don Lemon Takes Cognitive Test On Air to Make Trump Look Bad...But Fails Himself

Perhaps Don Lemon and other news anchors should learn the Biblical adage, “pride cometh before the fall.”

In a failed attempt to mock President Trump, Don Lemon nonchalantly discussed his own results of a cognition test in which he confused a hippopotamus and a rhinoceros.

The President took the test in response to criticism he had been receiving about his mental faculties. According to Trump, he asked his doctor if he could take a test to put an end to the topic. With results in hand, the President understandably wanted to set the record straight that he is not mentally impaired.

Apparently, the mere fact he took the test is grounds for mockery according to CNN. Don Lemon decided that it was worth using airtime to try and get a good jab in on the President (the same airtime that was too precious to give to the President when he conducted press briefings about the status of the pandemic earlier in the year).

An article by RedState sums up the pathetic ordeal quite well:

“In the end, it’s not that big of a deal that Lemon missed a question my pre-K son would get right. It’s funny, but not that big of a deal. What makes this newsworthy is the venom that Lemon constantly spews and was attempting to spew during this segment. Why is he wasting airtime trying to bash Trump for talking about taking a cognitive test? It’s his network that’s been obsessing over Trump not taking one. He took one and now he’s not supposed to talk about the results? But when it comes to Trump, he can’t win with these people. They’ll hound him about his cognitive abilities and then when he proves they are fine, they’ll mock him for taking the test to show they are fine.

“There’s a fair bit of poetic justice in seeing Lemon go from mocking the President for passing his cognitive test, to seeing Lemon mess up his own cognitive test on air. Perhaps the CNN anchor will learn a lesson? I kind of doubt it though.”

Situations like these make it hard to take seriously any criticism coming out of CNN.


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