WATCH: Driver Plows Through Rioters After Being Assaulted, MSM Makes Her Out To Be The Bad Guy

That meme that President Trump shared the other day is the perfect example of what the mainstream media does in distorting the truth about current events.

Here is the best video I could find at the moment, though the person narrating the video also fails to see the point.

The point of the President sharing the post was to take a jab at how the media manipulates news about himself. But it's not just him either.

A woman who was scared for her life after being assaulted and having a gun pulled on her by rioters in Louisville, KY fled for her life in her vehicle by putting the pedal to the metal and getting out of there.

Take a look:

Here's how the MSM portrayed the incident:

This is appalling!

This is the real story according to WDRB,

Two people have been arrested on charges including rioting after police said they blocked a driver's path Wednesday morning and assaulted the female driver.

Darius S. Anderson, 21, and Brioanna Richards, 19, face charges of rioting in the first degree, tampering with physical evidence, disorderly conduct and obstruction of a highway. Anderson also faces charges of wanton endangerment and criminal mischief.

In the arrest report, police said that at about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, protesters had blocked the intersection of 6th and Liberty Streets and would not let the victim pass in her vehicle. Police said Anderson stood in front of the victim's vehicle with a megaphone and blocked her path.

According to police, the victim told them that protesters surrounded her vehicle, and an argument ensued. The arrest report said protesters "began to reach into her car, scratching her vehicle window ... and assaulting her, pulling her hair (pulling out a dreadlock) causing pain to victim."

The victim also told police that one of the people had a handgun and that she was "in fear for her life and drove away from the crowd," and struck one of the protesters running toward her vehicle.

If you ask me, people need to get hit by cars if they're going to act like idiots.

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