Watch: Giuliani Puts a Dem Heckler in Their Place, ‘You’re A Brainwashed…

The former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, will not tolerate any foolishness.

Approximately 40,000 people took part in the Celebrate Israel Parade in New York City, and Mayor Giuliani was one of the participants. The parade drew a large crowd throughout the city.

Even though he was being heckled by a Democrat supporter as he was marching, he remained true to character and would not allow them to get away with it.

It was not entirely obvious what the heckler had said in the beginning, but the former mayor answered by stating that, when he was mayor, he had made the streets safer. Giuliani put the Democrat jerk in his place after the idiot returned with another slur.

"You are a jacka**… You are a brainwashed a**hole… you are probably as demented as Biden,” he said.

Speaking of demented, Joe had some issues when he tried to pronounce the name of South Korea’s president.

Presented without comment…

Joe was questioned on recent reports that North Korea has issued a warning that they have a new ballistic missile technology that has the potential to threaten the Korean Peninsula when he was in South Korea. Joe's response to a reporter's question on what he would say to Kim Jun Un was simply, "Hello, period."

Also, Rudy is only two years younger than Joe, but he managed to look fantastic while strolling through New York City. How do you think Joe would do if he had to march in the parade?

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