WATCH: Is This the 'White Supremacy the Biden Administration Has Been Talking About?

During the Western Conservative Summit, Andy Ngo was asked if the white supremacy problem Joe Biden keeps squawking about would better be applied to Antifa than the average American.

Ngo, who has spent over a year compiling and releasing Antifa-related mugshots, wasn't surprised that the sea of White faces went unnoticed. He said that an overwhelming number of the arrestees were in their 20s and 30s, and - obviously - white.

"So you noticed the demographic makeup," Ngo said of the sea of white faces in mug shots of those arrested at riots. "Portland has had a year now of riots, more than 1,000 arrestees, and you can actually get data off of that, off of those people who have been booked last year and this year."

He spoke about the day he was assaulted in June 2019, noting that eight other people were injured that day by Antifa, some of them hospitalized. Ngo said he has been warning and reporting about this "terroristic organization" that was organizing openly on the streets of Portland, his home town.

"I was demonized and ignored," he told Hunt, "and we had 120 days of riots last year in Portland after George Floyd died. It was the longest of the riots in any city in America, and it became deadly."

Here again, we have a prime example of the left projecting their problems on everyone else; They cry 'white supremacy' about everything but refuse to acknowledge the violence done to minorities and minority-owned businesses by their own.

During his talk, Ngo was the only speaker to receive a standing ovation from start to finish.

As it stands, it may seem like there's no hope to change the left or the way that this 'administration' is heading, but with faith, friends, and family, we will make it through.


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