WATCH: Joy Behar Loses It When Ted Cruz Corners Her on Comparing New York to Florida

Over the weekend, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lifted the coronavirus restrictions on bars and restaurants and are once again allowing them to operate at full capacity.

This has been a long-awaited moment for Floridians, even among liberals.

I'm personally friends with a die-hard liberal (a Bernie Sanders supporter even) who lives in Florida and is a business owner. He was extremely relieved that they finally lifted these ridiculous orders.

This week, Senator Ted Cruz went on ABC's "The View" to speak with the liberal idiots on that show about his new book. During the program, Joy Behar

“Senator, just a few minutes ago you said — and correctly — the country is suffering. There are many people out of work, but you would like to open safely, follow the science, protect small business and all of that.”

“But Republican Florida Gov. DeSantis, for example, recently lifted all coronavirus restrictions on businesses, allowing bars and restaurants to open at full capacity without a mask mandate. He said they won’t be closing anything going forward. Now, what’s your response to Gov. DeSantis’s policy, one, and would you do the same thing in Texas if you could?”

Cruz gave the response that he was supposed to, but it wasn't the response she wanted since she brought up New York and New Jersey,

“So yes, we should reopen, and I actually think if you look at Florida, and if you look at Texas, the death rates have been much, much lower there than for example, states like New York, New Jersey, states with Democratic governors, where the death rates have been enormously through the roof,” Cruz said.

Behar, of course, came unglued and started interrupting as did a number of the other co-hosts which only shows that they refuse to hear the truth.

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